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My name is Dany K Normand and I want to thank you for your interest in my work.  Born in the USA, I was raised and currently live in Quebec City, Canada.

While being educated as an Engineer, I am a self-taught photographer, an enthusiast that is constantly trying to bridge the science of light to the art of taking photographs.  Passionate of photography since my early childhood, it's never been possible for me not to gear up and to give it my best shot trying to capture this breath-taking world through my lenses.

My goal as a photographer is to share my views of the world as I was able to capture them mostly throughout my travelling. Travelling has always been fulfilling to me, it expanded my mind throughout numerous adventures elevating me to wonders and experiences in all diverse forms. It opened my eyes to a different way of thinking, seeing and understanding this world. This small planet is a promise land for discovery and certainly for a heaven for who wishes to open their eyes to its marvels.

Throughout my work, I wish to share some of my experiences through blogs and fine art prints, ultimately trying to reveal this incommensurable diversity that the universe has to offer us, unmasking itself through its magnificence.

I am looking forward carrying my work from all perspectives. Certainly, I will maintain capturing these worlds and beyond to keep that learning and sharing on-going... 

This website is under development, thank you for your understanding.

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