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Technical specifications
(under development)

Color management and quality input involves a profound understanding of the basics of lights and therein the behavior of colors with all the factor that affect our perception. A series of blogs are being redacted to that matter and will be added to this site in order to share some of the basics of working with colors from the field to the display to the final print.  

The following section will cover the quality of the materials used for the Limited Editions of the artist as delineated in the product pages.  The quality of the paper combined with the quality of the printing process and inks pigments have a direct effect on the color rendering and print longevity of the artwork. 

Prints longevity

Aforementioned, the print longevity and color permanence is certainly affected by a multitude of factors. To view the final report of June 1, 2020 (page 2 of 10) from, click the following link:

 WIR_Canson_Fine_Art_and_Photo_Papers_Final_Report_2020-06-01 (
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